Whether you're an everyday commuter, a weekend enthusiast, or you are looking for more performance from your bike, let us take your next service and tune up to the extreme and fit a new power commander system!

Come into our store and see our range of motorcycle accessories and bike parts, or book your bike in  for a quality service carried out by our expert mechanics and be involved!

Watch your bike being dynotuned on the latest dynojet equipment!

Our Commitment to you!

We have a fantastic team of staff with the knowledge and experience to give you great advice about caring for your motorbike as well as ensuring your personal safety.

Our service team is highly qualified, with a broad knowledge base so that you can trust your motorcycle care is in expert hands.


Based in Welshpool, Chain Reaction Motorcycles offers everything for the motorbike enthusiast, including:

  • Expert Servicing to most makes and models
  • Dynojet Tuning & Ecu Flashing
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Performance Engine Building
  • Suspension Servicing & Tuning

In tuning all makes and models, fuel injected and non fuel injected motorcycles. This allows us to actually see what the motor is doing and what horse power it's producing.

We can incorporate the power commander system into most motorcycles which allows us to remap and set up the bike for better performance.

For Example:

If you change an exhaust system, you will need to have your bike dynojet tuned and remapped this will bring out the best performance you can possibly get!

The day of trying to tune motors without high-tech equipment is over!


PH: 9258 5600